Xtreme Talk with Kyle St.Andrews Ep. 12 (Samekh)

Episode 12

During Episode 12 of Xtreme Talk, Kyle had the privilege of interviewing the talented Samekh, who is best known for his outstanding work on the hit show ‘Abaddon Rising’. As the creator, actor, director, and producer of the series, Samekh has garnered a huge following and a lot of praise for his exceptional talent and creativity.

During the interview, Samekh shared his inspiring testimony and opened up about his journey as a content creator, providing a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process and the hard work that goes into producing his remarkable series. Kyle skillfully guided the conversation, delving deep into Samekh’s personal story and providing listeners with a unique and intimate look at the man behind the hit show. The episode was truly a treat for fans of Samekh and ‘Abaddon Rising’, and it left listeners eagerly anticipating what’s next for this talented content creator.

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