Xtreme Talk with Kyle St.Andrews Ep. 13 (The Seeing Demonologist – Ms. Vee)

Episode 13

On the 13th episode of Xtreme Talk, we had the pleasure of welcoming the beautiful Mrs. Vee, also known as the Seeing Demonologist, who is a Christian Content Creator on various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. Vee is a prominent figure who shares her knowledge on demonology and other spiritual topics while spreading the message of the Holy Spirit. Besides, she’s known for her appearance in the popular series Abaddon Rising.

During her visit on May 25th, 2021, Vee shared her inspiring testimony and ministry with Kyle and the Xtreme Talk audience. Moreover, the conversation also touched on the topic of COVID-19 vaccinations, and whether or not they are the Mark of the Beast, providing insightful perspectives on this pressing issue. Vee’s passion for her ministry and dedication to spreading the truth in a world full of chaos is truly inspiring and we were grateful to have her on the show.

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